Engineering Conformational Proteins to Advance Discovery of Next Generation Therapeutics

Using rational protein design and multiple protein display platforms, Conigen scientists leverage modern protein engineering, molecular biology, vaccinology and immunology to provide conformational protein tools and bioengineering services for drug discovery against complex targets.


Conigen Soluble Proteins

CSP™ – Conigen soluble proteins are the dimeric and trimeric extracellular domains of cell membrane proteins.

These recombinant molecules have a quaternary structure mimicking the native conformation of cell surface receptors and targets.

Proprietary dimeric or trimeric interface elements are fused with the extracellular domain of type 1 and type 2 membrane proteins with or without a tag.

The soluble proteins are expressed in mammalian cells which have similar post-translational modification processes to their natural expressing cells.

As immunogen: presents better conformational epitopes as compared with monomeric molecules, to elicit antibodies for translational research and therapeutic discovery.

As antigen: provides better bioactivity for in vitro assays.

Class of proteins: cytokine receptors, immune-oncology targets, immune checkpoints, B and T cell regulatory molecules.

Examples: CD4 dimers and Nectin-4 dimers

Membrane Protein Nanoparticles

Membrane Protein Nanoparticles

CMP™ – Conigen membrane protein nanoparticles consist of target integral membrane proteins embedded in a lipid bilayer surrounding a viral protein core.

The CMP nanoparticle technology platform produces native conformational membrane proteins by using the self-assembling and then budding functions of the viral structural proteins.

A proprietary design is used to select viral backbones with structural proteins resulting in high quality membrane protein presenting nanoparticles.

As immunogen: generates antibodies against complex membrane protein for translational research and therapeutic discovery.

As a lipid-bilayer-based antigen: can screen for binders and analyze affinities or perform biophysical and structural investigation of complex membrane proteins.

Categories of complex membrane proteins can be expressed using the CMP technology platform: GPCRs, ion channels, immuno-oncology targets, viral envelopes.

Advanced Protein Engineering Services

Protein engineering services to custom build your own advanced proteins, ensuring the highest purity and bioactivity, ideal for both in vitro assays and in vivo immunization applications.

Over 25 years of vaccine and antibody research and development experience, the Conigen team is driven to deliver the highest quality advanced proteins

  • No need for developing corresponding cell line for every target
  • CSP can preserve the native conformations similar to those on cell surfaces
  • Easy to scale-up and develop high-through-put assays
  • No host cell proteins
  • Dramatically higher number of molecules for each immunization
  • Highly immunogenic
  • Preserves the native conformations similar to those on cell surfaces
  • CSP not limited to monomeric proteins without critical conformational epitopes on the quaternary structures
  • Provides better conformational epitopes for antibody screening and affinity evaluation
  • Enhances assay sensitivity and potency; generates wider windows for agonist and antagonist activity evaluation
  • Better conformation for antibody/antigen, receptor/ligand complex structural analysis
  • More natively folded proteins in the cellular membrane bilayer without further processing
  • Eliciting antibodies that better target conformational epitopes
  • Higher antigen dosage per immunization
  • Reduced number of host cell derived proteins
  • More immunogenic