Advanced Protein Engineering Services

At Conigen, we specialize in the custom bioengineering and production of advanced proteins, using two different technology platforms:

  • The CSP™ (Conigen Soluble Proteins) technology platform consists of soluble recombinant dimeric and trimeric proteins with a quaternary structure mimicking the native conformation of protein complexes on cell surfaces, such as receptors or cancer target proteins
  • The CMP™ nanoparticle technology platform produces native conformational membrane proteins by using the self-assembling and then budding functions of the viral core proteins


With our proprietary advanced protein development CSP and CMP technology platforms, Conigen is equipped to meet your specific needs. Our expertise shines in creating proteins that are:

  • Soluble multimeric proteins, closely representing the conformation of native receptors
  • Faithfully mimicking the native conformation or native structures on nanoparticles or soluble proteins
  • Highly immunogenic
  • Optimized for higher target signal with minimal background

Example Targets and Applications


  • Cytokine receptors 
  • Immune-oncology targets
  • Immunology: receptors and ligands
  • Type I & II membrane proteins
  • Complex multipass membrane proteins


  • Bioactivity assays
  • In vitro stimulation or binding assay
  • In vivo immunization (immunogen)
  • Immunogenicity determination 
  • Antibody screening and characterization

Custom Services Workflow

Milestone 1: Assessment

Dedicated consultation with your scientists

Define the details of your protein and application

Transfer starting material


Milestone 2: Development

Collaborative experienced team

Conigen selects the protein platform most suited to your custom protein

Milestone 3: Testing and Delivery

Focused on quality

Purity and bioactivity assured


  • Large-scale protein batch
  • Bioactivity reports


In general, 1-10 mg of protein can be provided upon request.


Yes, it will be based on specific request.


Yes, Avitag, Biotin, Flag tag, HA tag, and Myc tag are also available in addition to His and Fc tags

HEK293 and CHO cell lines are commonly used. A specific cell can be used per request.

Protein sequence information, purity, concentration, amount, other information upon request for each specific protein.


If technical difficulties are encountered, we will inform the customer, troubleshoot, discuss with the customer and find the specific solution.